Why Only Love Matters? Because only love is round way, man and woman truly love each other does not fear to miss or be missed. That how God knew his daughter missed and did his power to hand his daughter to that man created by him, because that man can do better than God to perfect his imperfect daughter t 售屋網hat God must have no way to do like that. That how when a man really make love (That how you are not a free honest man, you must not have sex with any woman [because without free mind honest eyes, you have no way to see t 澎湖民宿hings right <that how evil doer JungShiauLin failed to see things right: in order to tool me, he should hire me as his Secretary like my evil boss Danny Lain ###Liar has no way to see things right +++That how "Jack X" failed to appreciate 辦公室出租 how best will that working woman showed to keep her best silent nice to rush to her working place by herself not to disturb a man sleeping like a baby on his own flooring bed+++ , that how my evil boss failed to see my best invisible point that you are not sure who G2000that person showing in front of you, you should hold your words from voicing out instead of committing "Ren.云.E.云" crime like brainless parrot or mindless "5.Her.Zhi.Zhong" showed. Not mention "John.Jeye.Y.君.Mean.Yo.Swall.Boot.Shore" - You have no way to know who's indeed 租屋 who really showing in front of your eyes while you are fighting real "2.Yu.War.詐" life and death war. That how your military must have to rely on real sniper skill to pass the gate instead of "pass words" only; you want to be the messenger, you have to show yourself can beat any sniper that brought you i 關鍵字廣告nto that first place.### did instead of taking my homeless disadvantage to propose.> ; that how I got trashed because every male had sex with me all liars; that how your Earth must be burned down not if but when, because the Ghost ***That how the Ghost must have to send message to all of you mankind to see if anyone of you 酒店兼職 can have any idea to do better than Ghost, if not, then, let every one of us to help every one ready to dry out before that Hottest Sun burn down the Earth day coming so that to do our best to miss that hottest deadly moment*** run out of mean and way to pay my life back, because no way to pay my life back means no way to satisfy that absolute righteo 訂做禮服us Satan's absolute righteous rule @@@because any thing you thought I was wrong, indeed a PERFECT RIGHT in order to satisfy absolute righteous Satan's absolute righteous rule.@@@; when the Ghost cannot be good enough to satisfy absolute righteous SAtan's righteous rule, the Satan's Earth must gone, all liar must be locked inside every one of them most mi 租辦公室serable nightmare along with that "Lie of Satan" no way out.]; you are liar, you must not even have sex with your own horse; you are honest good slaved man, you may have sex with your own real horse to release yourself from your real sex drive.) with that woman and taste her good and do his duty to be good to her to get her to love him back to give him her life, together he must be a field God 租辦公室.  .

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